Botgate’s new AI bot drives conversational marketing which is based on one-to-one interactions in real-time across multiple online channels. It enables you to foster customer relationships and improve your customer experience by communicating and customizing interactions with smart & unique playbooks. On the point, AI bot uses web widgets, WhatsApp Business, Messenger, Instagram, Slack, and other messaging apps to enable these personalized conversations and in particular, has made conversational marketing more accessible.

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Better Customer Experience Boosts Quaflied Lead Generation

Botgate AI’s CEO and founder Barış Gülbaş says “We’ve built one of a kind AI bot that communicates with customers almost as a native sales representative fed by dynamic data and unique playbooks. Botgate helps you transform your sales workflows with custom playbooks and bots that engage prospects and track targeted customers. You’ll have bots on call 24/7 for personalized conversations that enrich the customer journey and convert 3X more visitors. Moreover, our hybrid model helps you add a human touch by letting sales team members take over for the bots engaging customers. Well, you can also harness conversational marketing to qualify more leads without depending on dry web forms and surveys.”

Auto Recommendation and Upsell

Proof of “Conversational marketing is the future” saying, AI drives conversations on behalf of the sales team and recommends related products to interacted visitors or even challenges for upsells while shortening the time between intent and purchase.

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No-Code aka Plug & Play

Marketers are in love with no-code tools since their IT teams’ crammed pipeline blocks parallel developments. A coding illiterate professional can even connect Botgate AI to the website and integrate CRM software including Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Hubspot with few clicks. What’s more, they can design their AI chatbot within minutes by dragging & dropping the elements needed and customizing it with industry-wise built playbooks.

Botgate Supports SMEs and Startups

“Team Botgate’s members -including me- are all startup people due to past experiences.” says Barış Gülbaş and continues “Apart from SMEs, we have a strong sense of supporting start-ups; thus Botgate initiated a startup program: Whether they need to increase leads, accelerate sales, or streamline customer service; our solutions are super sufficient to help them grow more effectively. Early-stage startups get access to the same powerful tools at a fraction of the cost, up to 75% off annually.”

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