In recent months, Twitter has made numerous upgrades to its safety features allowing Twitter users to feel more comfortable and in control of their social media experience. Last month, Twitter had announced the “Safety Mode” feature that temporarily blocks a follower or user for seven days. The feature allows users to report content that are hateful, and endorse bullying in any way. The Safety Mode feature would continue to work in tandem with the “Remove this user” option that has been added this week.

Both features allow Twitter users to get past unwelcome conversations that disrupt the interactions on social media.

It is clear that Twitter is making a substantial effort toward creating a user-friendly ecosystem where harassment and bullying won’t be tolerated at any cost. And, it rightly puts the power to block and remove users from the list in the hands of the users themselves. In short, the world is moving beyond the controlled engagement that Twitter and Facebook seem to have been envisioning so far. Time to give more power to users to choose who they want to see and interact with, without disrupting the experience online.

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