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Sparta Systems Announces an Industry-First AI-Powered QMS

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Sparta Systems announces an industry-first AI-powered QMS to pave a path for predictive quality and assist human decision making in the process. This artificial intelligence augmented capability is predicted to bring an industry shift from reactive to proactive/reflective management of quality. The announcement infuses TrackWise, Sparta Systems’ flagship quality management software with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. The software will now be able to automatically categorize complaint inputs and quality events resulting in decision-making intelligence and enhanced productivity.

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“Sparta System is the first EQMS vendor to respond to Quality 4.0 by embedding artificial intelligence (AI) into core quality management workflows. AI predicts the risk and makes recommendations, but subject matter experts make the ultimate decision. The value of this approach is in streamlining workflows and routing, allowing quality experts to prioritize high-risk areas,” says Matthew Littlefield, President, and Principal Analyst, LNS Research. “We applaud Sparta Systems’ approach. Their aggressive move toward AI and Quality 4.0 capabilities position the company to succeed and potentially outpace the market in the foreseeable future.”

“AI software is spurring positive disruption and innovation in quality management systems (QMS).  AI can detect and address quality problems well in advance of what we can do today,” said Daniel R. Matlis, President of Axendia, Inc. “The AI capabilities Sparta is launching a support shift from reacting to quality events to a proactive and predictive approach to quality management.”

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“Sparta is committed to partnering with our customers on their digital transformation,” said Dana Jones, CEO of Sparta Systems. “We’re excited to bring this innovation to the marketplace to help our customers accelerate time to market and lower total cost of quality.”

Organizations can now expect increased user productivity due to the fact that TrackWise, now embedded with superior AI, compare historical data available in it with new complaints and deliver quality output

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