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AI-Powered Booking Tool, Google’s Duplex, Often Displays Human Dependency for Backup

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AI-Powered Google Duplex often requires human intervention for support when the tool attempts to make reservations on the behest of its users. Google Duplex’s launch at the Google I/O last year caused a furor among the audience because of its near pin-point accuracy in conversing like an actual human being. With Duplex speaking in “ums” and “ahs,” proved Google’s superiority in developing an intelligent assistant that would never make the listener realize that the voice on the other end is Artificial Intelligence.

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Bookings happening from Duplex’s slow roll-out on Pixel smartphones in a limited number of states are currently being handled by human operators. Google confirmed this information to the New York Times stating that currently, 25 % of the phone calls start with a call center and another 15 % that requires human intervention for help. New York Times’ reporters Brian Chen and Cade Metz made four reservations of which only one was completed from start-to-finish through AI.

However, instead of thinking this as a fault, it’s a good thing to make AI work in conjunction with human beings.

If this is in place it will –

  • Increase trust
  • Reduce concerns about human workers being replaced
  • Provide accountability in case things go wrong

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With events like booking a reservation in a restaurant through Duplex, nothing major can ever go wrong. However, it gives users the necessary re-assurance that human help is available in case the call does not go as planned. This also assists in future developments of Duplex AI.

As AI is increasingly used in the U.S. military, people can sleep better if they know that there will be a human being calling the shots, instead of complete automation.

The New York Times also stated that Google is in no rush to replace human operators with AI, another positive development.

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