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LG Innotek to Showcase Cutting-Edge Components at “Electronica 2018”

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The Company Participated in the World’s Largest Electronic Parts Exhibition from 13th to 16th

LG Innotek announced that it is participating in “Electronica 2018” held in Munich, Germany for four days from 13th to 16th.

The company showcased cutting-edge automotive and electronic components for electric and smart vehicles at this exhibition and plans to actively make inroads into the European market.

Electronica is the world’s largest electronic components exhibition, with more than 3,000 materials and components companies from approx. 50 countries around the world participating in the exhibition and more than 70,000 visitors coming to see the exhibition.

The company exhibited about 50 kinds of innovative products, reflecting the trend of the latest automotive components, under the themes of “Smart”, “Green” and “Innovation”.

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“Smart” theme featured recently developed ‘C-V2X(Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) module for next-generation automotive and the latest product such as SVM(Surround View Monitoring)system attracting the attention of industry observers and visitors.

The C-V2X module applies the high-speed mobile communication technology used in smart phones to communication between vehicles and objects. It is a next-generation communication component that can make future cars such as connected and autonomous vehicles safer and more convenient.

The Surround View Monitor (SVM) system is an advanced safety and convenience device that monitors the vicinity of the vehicle in all directions by four camera modules.

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It has minimized optical distortion thanks to the company’s world-class optical technology. Furthermore, the system makes it possible for drivers to identify the situation around the car at a glance without any blind spot around the vehicle.

“Green” theme featured highly efficient electric car components such as a DC-DC converter and an EVCC (electric vehicle communication controller), attracting the eyes of visitors.

The DC-DC converter converts high-voltage direct current from the battery into low-voltage direct current suitable for vehicle electronics. The EVCC transmits the information on battery charging status, driver, and charging fee between an electric car and a charging station.

“Innovation” theme featured the company’s innovative products, such as LED surface light source module, a 15-watt wireless charging transmitter/receiver module for vehicles and mobile devices and thermoelectric semiconductor, attracting the attention of visitors.

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The company’s LED surface light source module allows you to design a tail light in different ways with thin lines and surfaces to match the concept of a vehicle, receiving a great response from automakers and components manufactures.

LG Innotek’s wireless charging module has compatibility with different wireless charging standards. Thermoelectric semiconductor is an innovative technology which can perform the cooling and heating functions by providing the semiconductor. It can be applied to refrigerator, car seat, cup holder for automobiles as well as chip or battery cooling.

In addition, the company exhibited a variety of products, from its flagship products such as a steering (EPS) motor, dual-clutch transmission (DCT) motor and torque angle sensor (TAS) to next-generation future brake system (FBS).

LG Innotek official said, “Europe market is very important to us because it is a stage where we can identify the trends of the materials and components market and discuss business with major global companies.” He also said, “We will be able to introduce automotive components that combine cutting-edge technologies.”

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