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Good Gaming Inc. Announces Intent to Initiate a New Internet Streaming Channel as it Enters the Live Video Streaming Market

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The Company Moves Forward As It Continues To Diversify Into The Esport Tournament Gaming Market

Good Gaming Inc. is pleased to announce its intent to initiate a new internet streaming channel.

Initial plans are for the Company to expand their broadcasting and event capabilities through a dedicated internet streaming channel that they expect to be available to gamers worldwide through multiple media sources like Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Gaming, Roku, Hulu and others.

This internet streaming channel will be part of the previously announced collaboration agreement with Koralis Entertainment, Inc. Because of Koralis Entertainment Inc.’s current broadcast experience, both companies will have the benefit of a solid foundation to expedite the processes necessary and establish the channel as a revenue-producing venture.

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Both companies are seeking to combine their individual expertise and expectations are for the companies to move toward a joint-venture agreement that will provide for broader projects and create a well-rounded company that has the ability to execute on many levels.

As the Company enters into final discussions to bring additional broadcast content online in the immediate future, plans are to continue with the weekly broadcast of their Street Fighter V tournament events under the 2050esports brand.

“While additional content is being finalized, we plan on announcing several new titles, creating multiple streaming tournaments throughout the week,” said Good Gaming Inc. CEO David B. Dorwart. “Our development team has been directed to begin working on new content. The new content, mixed with our plans to bring additional outside gaming content, will allow us to create a dynamic, well-diversified gaming channel that will appeal to a variety of viewers, influencers, and competitive gamers alike.”

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Since 2016, internet streaming channels have increased by over 300% in streams per day per hour. This represents exponential growth and opportunities for companies like Good Gaming Inc. when it comes to developing multiple revenue streams for an engaged and active audience. The industry has also seen a 30% jump in game diversity with current estimates approaching over 130,000 games available to gamers in 2018.

YouTube Gaming has already seen a 343% increase in its audience base in the last 12 months as Facebook introduces its new product Level Up to help live streamers build audiences on its Gaming Creator platform.

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Good Gaming Inc. CEO Eric Brown stated, “We have carefully evaluated the current trend and power of live video streaming and its effect on the esport industry. We believe that opportunities exist that have yet to be exploited in this area, which has prompted us to move forward with this venture.” He added, “We have a firm belief that Good Gaming Inc. is in the right space at the right time, and we are confident that diversification will be the key to our success. Our intent to create a new internet streaming channel is only one of several projects we are currently working on and plan to introduce to the market. Stay tuned for more developments as they occur.”

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