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Milacron Partners with ei3 to Add Unique AI Capabilities to Its “M-Powered” IoT Solution

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Milacron Holdings Corp. , a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry is announcing triple digit growth since 2017, fueled through innovative products and the digital solution “M-Powered” based on our partnership with ei3. M-Powered offers a full-suite of Industry 4.0 services and predictive functions that uses advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to capture value from machine data to improve overall machine performance, such as availability, quality, uptime and many more.

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To match the exponential growth, Milacron is tripling its work force for its digital solutions to further monitor projects and provide proactive customer engagement. At Milacron, we believe that all manufacturers should have access to the tools to make the best production decisions. M-Powered is fully customizable, agile and flexible intelligence software, designed to be intuitively used through analytical dashboards and reports to allow manufacturers to interpret problems and uncover opportunities to make optimal business decisions.

The dashboards include basic predictive, prescriptive and analytics capabilities for key Milacron machine components like Heater Bands, Hydraulic Pumps, and Feed Screws. These predictions enable service teams to turn unplanned downtime into planned downtime, to improve machine availability.


ei3’s latest innovation in AI through its dedicated Data Science center in Zurich, Switzerland paves the way for new – applications to support preemptive part stocking modules and expanded lifetime-tracking for mold, tooling and auxiliary components. Building on these capabilities, Milacron’s M-Powered is now able to interpret the data to determine impending failures, maintenance needs, or incorrect recipe settings of the machine. Addressing those issues leads to reduced unplanned downtime, and improved OEE

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These features boost existing M-Powered capabilities, valued by countless customers in everyday operations.

ei3 makes it incredibly easy to reap immediate benefits from your data set. Without much learning, investments, or waiting or large sets of data to collect, at a click of a button you can unlock ei3’s extensive production reporting capabilities. Comprehensive reports give you information on the status of your operations, allowing you to see what is going on at an unprecedented level of clarity, and take decisions based on facts and figures rather than hear-say.

Each report can of course be adapted to fit your needs, both from a content perspective but also graphically (for example, it will come with your company logo on!), or you can define an entirely new report template. Reports can be browsed in HTML format on-line, sent automatically on a regular basis (daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly), or created when specific conditions warrant it – on trigger.

Any Milacron machine can be enhanced with ei3 AI capabilities in less than two weeks. This system will improve equipment productivity and any process ran on the machinery.

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