SkyFoundry a leading developer of analytics software for IoT device, equipment and sensor data, introduced the open source Haxall Framework to streamline the process of developing both hardware and software Building IoT (BIoT) products.

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The Haxall Framework includes a core subset of proven SkyFoundry SkySpark® code that addresses critical functions needed to connect smart devices and equipment systems, normalize their data and make the data openly available in a standardized format for other value-added applications.

“Open sourcing our proven software components will streamline development and reduce the cost of creating IoT devices for the built environment, directly helping to accelerate the transition to data-driven, intelligent buildings,” said John Petze, Co-Founder and COO of SkyFoundry. “The Haxall Framework delivers fully modeled data that will dramatically reduce the work effort required for further integration.”

The Haxall Framework streamlines the onboarding of data into value-added applications by providing the software functions to communicate with external devices and capture semantic tagging at the edge. It is powerful enough to run applications at the edge or use it as an edge gateway to integrate on-site BIoT data up to the cloud.

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The Haxall Framework includes:

Full Haystack 4 Support: Haxall is bundled with the full suite of SkySpark® Haystack APIs to model, encode, and query data using the Haystack 4 ontology.

Folio: The revolutionary SkySpark Folio database technology is at the heart of the Haxall platform. Folio is built 100% around the Project Haystack data modeling standard. Everything is stored as native Haystack dicts and queried using Haystack filters. Folio provides seamless integration with persistent and transient real-time tags making it a truly unique design to build IoT applications.

Axon: Haxall includes the Axon functional scripting engine. Create scripts to onboard, query, and transform your Haystack data using a rich library of hundreds of functions. The Axon function library has been leveraged for over a decade to streamline working with Haystack data.

Haxall Daemon: A complete runtime called the “Haxall Daemon” is provided to quickly get your IoT applications up and running. The Haxall Daemon comes with “batteries included”: tools to create new databases, built-in user management and authentication, webserver with full support for the Haystack HTTP API, dynamic module management, and an Axon shell for remote management. And Haxall provides runtime support for both the Java VM and JavaScript environments.

Connectors: Haxall includes a connector framework to acquire data from external devices and normalize diverse IoT protocols into the Haxall ecosystem. A suite of ready to use connectors is provided as open source including: Haystack HTTP API, MQTT, Modbus, oBIX, SQL, and Sedona Sox. Haxall also includes an Arcbeam™ module that provides seamless connection of Haxall devices into SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® software. And an in-memory trending engine is included to historize connector data into time-series data.

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