Semarchy, creator of the Intelligent Data Hub, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization, announced a strategic partnership creating opportunities for advanced intelligent Master Data Management. The partnership utilizes Semarchy xDM, its proprietary Intelligent Data Hub platform, and TCS’ ability to offer a unique data centric platform to enterprises wanting to manage and govern business-critical data while seamlessly defining and enforcing corporate policies.

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Nearly every enterprise is embarking on a transformation journey toward a unified analytics platform with built-in machine learning, the highest levels of performance, and a massive scale to unlock the inherent value of data as a strategic asset. These require a sound enterprise information strategy, as well as astute management of the master data asset. However, enterprises continue to grapple with challenges related to operational inefficiencies, regulatory compliance, data protection, and data veracity attributed to a lack of a holistic master data strategy and solution.

Master Data Management (MDM) can help organizations utilize their data optimally due to its ability to link the critical business data of an enterprise to a single point of reference, thereby improving the quality of data and business operations. TCS has consistently delivered on this agenda of rendering high-quality, accurate data for business growth by:

  • Ensuring consistent, duplicated and uniform data, making business processes more efficient and effective
  • Automating data management processes, making them more agile and cost-effective
  • Decreasing chances of security breaches and regulatory non-compliance
  • Enabling informed decision making for leadership and senior management

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Similarly, Semarchy xDM will help deliver reliable quality data of business-critical applications and optimize the investment in data governance whilst accelerating an enterprise’s digital transformation. Additionally, with the new launch of Semarchy xDI (Data Integration), this partnership also secures flexible integration for any data hub or data management project.

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with TCS as a strategic partner critical to our business and success. As Semarchy continues to expand, our clients can benefit from the global presence of TCS and their capabilities implementing master data management initiatives,” said TH Herbert, CEO of Semarchy.

“TCS has enabled leading enterprises across industries to modernize their data and analytics estates riding on its TCS DAEzMo™ suite of solutions and achieve a well-governed modern data platform to deliver accelerated business outcomes. With the partnership with Semarchy, TCS can enable a trusted, intelligent data platform in an accelerated mode,” said Dinanath Kholkar, Global Head, Analytics & Insights, Tata Consultancy Services.

TCS’ Master Data Management Solutions group has over 2 decades of experience in MDM and has been involved in the E2E execution of data management programs for clientele across the globe. Most of TCS’ MDM engagements are executed in pure agile mode leveraging cloud and AI/ML capabilities that resonate well with the Semarchy product strategy. Additionally TCS Data Office is the holistic offering that is a one-stop shop for an organization to democratize their data and adopt data centricity. This enables users across multiple ecosystems to have an integrated view of data and obtain useful insights; even monetize data within and outside the organization.