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MoneyBrain Officially Disclosed High Quality Deep Learning Voice Synthesis Technology

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MoneyBrain, an AI start-up company (CEO, Eric Se-young Jang)announced that it officially disclosed high quality deep leaning voice synthesis technology today.

MoneyBrain is a highly reputed startup company researching and developing conversational AI technology. It established the first AI chat bot for the financial industry in 2017 and disclosed deep learning-based voice synthesis technology, which is as natural as the human voice, in May 2019. It has the target of developing AI technology capable of carrying on conversations as similar to human beings as possible in the near future.

Voice synthesis technology converts text content into voiced content. In particular, deep learning voice synthesis technology is the most advanced existing technology with the capability to learn human voices and the method of pronunciation with intonation and accent in accordance with the context. As such, its ability to pronounce words as naturally as human beings is its foremost strength.

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Compared to the mechanical voice synthesis technology that is frequently heard, MoneyBrain’s voice synthesis technology is proud of its outstanding voice quality. Recently, based on the result of a listening test conducted on general public, it was evaluated that its technology is similar to that of global IT companies.

While it generally takes several seconds for voice synthesis, MoneyBrain can achieve it on a real-time basis. Therefore, it can provide services by loading the content into a conversational type AI service for which real-time communication technology is necessary immediately.

This technology can easily be expanded into the Global market in fields such as advertisement, audio bookand educationThis technology can be experienced on the MoneyBrain website.

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Mr. Eric Se-young Jang, CEO, stated: “There is only a very limited number of companies both locally and globally with high-quality deep learning-based voice synthesis technology. We will achieve excellent performances in diversified business domains with our competitive technology, which is at par with those of global companies.”

MoneyBrain succeeded in securing an investment of $2 million from a venture capital company and received the 1stprize in the largest startup competition, the K-Global Startup, in which 570 companies participated in 2017. It carried out 57 local and global patent applications for deep learning and AI related technology. It was selected as the recipient of support funds amounting to $1.5 million for three years after having been chosen as KODIT’s ‘First Penguin’ startup company in February 2019.

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