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AppGuard’s TRUSTICA Mobile secures several features on Employee Devices

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Military-Grade Mobile Device Communication with Consumer Simplicity

AppGuard, Inc., the pioneers of zero trust cybersecurity software for endpoints, servers, and mobile platforms, announces the release of a new product: TRUSTICA Mobile. A military-grade mobile device communication app, TRUSTICA Mobile makes it simple for employees to securely store and transfer sensitive files, send work-related texts and voice messages, while ensuring that each is encrypted with a unique key. TRUSTICA Mobile is an ideal class solution for enterprises and smaller organizations alike who are concerned about the security of sensitive information on employee devices.

“TRUSTICA Mobile provides an isolated, secure environment for messaging, document sharing, or voice and video calls on employee-held devices.  All while protecting company IP, without compromising employee privacy, or burdening companies with administrative control of employee devices,” says Jon Loew, CEO AppGuard, Inc.

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Organizations of all sizes have struggled with “bring your own device” policies for years. Companies that allow employees to use their own devices for work-related communication can improve productivity and avoid hardware provisioning costs. However, there’s a security tradeoff since the company doesn’t control the device.

TRUSTICA Mobile eliminates the issue, providing companies with the data security they need, while protecting employee privacy. The encryption key changes for each message, file transfer, and voice/video session, preventing confidentiality attacks on data in motion.

“Malware and malicious apps can’t steal or expose sensitive data because TRUSTICA Mobile isolates files in a secure space with multi-layer cryptographic containment,” says Fatih Comlekoglu, Chief Technology Officer, AppGuard.

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By eliminating the creation of temporary files, preventing social engineering or phishing attacks, blocking screen captures and mirroring, preventing reverse engineering attempts, and continuously validating device integrity with remote attestation, TRUSTICA Mobile enforces the highest security standards.

When other apps try to access the device microphone or camera while TRUSTICA Mobile is in use, TRUSTICA Mobile prevents eavesdropping by either terminating active voice or video sessions or by issuing a warning. Since all TRUSTICA Mobile data is encrypted, there’s no risk of data loss if a device is ever lost or stolen. Additionally, TRUSTICA Mobile provides geo-location aware authentication, with a combination of facial recognition, iris scan, fingerprint, pattern, pin, and password authentication. Users can’t accidentally share information since TRUSTICA Mobile protected information can only be retrieved by user-authorized groups or individuals. Lastly, utilizing secure remote attestation, TRUSTICA Mobile ensures the mobile device has not been rooted or tampered with, validating no harmful applications are present.

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