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AI Innovation Playbook and Growth- Nova IQ

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2019 is poised to be the breakout year for nova IQ. On track with its innovation playbook, nova IQ’s AI innovation lab in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad, India has rolled out a series of solution accelerators in the area of re-inforcement learning, prediction and classification text summarization and natural language processing (NLP) using deep neural networks. Headed by Surya Prabha Vadlamani, an experienced software product engineering veteran of more than 18 years, the lab has rolled out solutions accelerators and reference architectures built for primarily for the supply chain and logistics and financial services industries can easily be deployed and scaled across other industries too.

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Over the past one year, nova IQ has grown and scaled very rapidly, and is now strong with a 15-member team. The workforce is a composite mix of AI engineers that specialize in deep neural networks, data modelling and analysis, and problem solving, along with UI/UX designers and developers, full stack engineers, cloud specialists, QA automation engineers, and AI-Ops engineers. According to Prabha, building enterprise scale AI platforms is a team game and not about hiring a few AI engineers cranking python code. nova IQ has expanded their client base both in North Americaand India in the past one year by winning projects in the financial services and logistics domains. Additionally, nova IQ has built expertize across all cloud platforms and offers cloud agnostic solutions to its clients. It plans to forge deeper technology partnerships with cloud providers as part of its growth strategy.

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The trade-marked and time-tested enterprise AI implementation framework-dAIquiri™ has evolved as a powerful tool for building complex and business critical AI platforms for a wide range of business use cases across industries. It allows for rapid implementation and reduced delivery risk through the use of nova IQ starter kits (NSK’s) which are high quality reusable solution accelerators developed by the core innovation team and leveraged by the client facing agile scrum pods.

In the year ahead, as an innovative AI services startup, nova IQ is poised to transform enterprise business through high-impact innovations in the areas of algorithm fine-tuning for rapid convergence, reference architecture with GPU’s on cloud for solving problems involving massive data sets, building intuitive API’s for consumption by the end-users through voice, text and dashboard centric end user experience.

For business environments that are focused on driving revenues, optimizing on costs, improving productivity and customer loyalty, AI-enabled digital solutions offer potent solutions. nova IQ’s approach is specifically designed to help organizations sculpt their own capability along a well-planned roadmap with nova IQ as a trusted and a strong engineering partner capable of providing scalable, reliable and enterprise AI solutions.

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