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Note to App Makers: Avoid “Get Rich Quick” Thinking

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Apps That Excite Clients, Improve Workflow Most Likely to Succeed

Too many app makers are derailed by “get rich quick” dreams, according to Raika Technologies CEO Cynthia Delaria. A better, more predictable model for success, she says, is building an app that augments a company’s existing products or services.

“People too often focus on whether an app will make them rich,” Delaria said. “Of course, the odds of an app making you a fortune just through its sale are slim. A more fruitful path to success is working with companies to build apps that improve or enhance their products and service offerings. These types of apps are quietly making companies money every day, while exciting their customers.”

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An example Delaria cites is Raika client Skinforyou, an established boutique salon developing an app that determines which products are best for specific skin types.

“Raika helped us come up with realistic expectations and a timeline to follow that keeps us all motivated,” said Dani Everson, owner of Skinforyou. “Creating an app is a big process for sure, but Cynthia and her team at Raika have been effortless to work with.” 

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Raika’s services include software architecture and development, DevOps, and infrastructure and business consulting for technology companies. Delaria, a successful entrepreneur who started writing code in her teens, says she is happy to apply her hard-earned business acumen to her clients’ app deliberations.

“Creating an app is a big investment of time and money. By offering an extensive consultation before getting into development, we ensure our clients understand whether their idea is really worth investing in,” Delaria said. “I strive to provide my clients with the kind of advice I wish someone would have given me when I started out.”

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