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Telia Case Study Finds How Intelligent Automation and RPA Journey Created €5 Million per Year in Savings

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Can a 10-minute read on a $60 investment that created €5 million in savings within a year help your Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation journey?

Jarno Kekäläinen, Director of Process Automation, AI/ML, Robotics and Billing at Telia, discussed how taking a step away from the ordinary route of consultants paid off as the business worked in the way of a smaller company with an entrepreneurial approach.

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The case study reveals how the implementation of their bots was introduced as well as how these bots quickly generated considerable savings. “Within a month of the purchase, the team had already created numerous bots, one of which was already delivering savings within the area of €1 million,” shared Jarno.

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In the exclusive content piece, Jarno dives deep into the matter and explains how would-be constant process adjustments (of which they required 17,000, each taking 6 minutes) became a simple matter with the implementation of a bot that automatically resolved issues for the Customer Services team with the simple click of a button. “With the free time, Customer Service Representatives can spend more time focusing on the customers.”

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When asked about the investment that made these savings, Jarno says, “We invested partially in more advanced technologies but also partially in our people. In the process of working with and implementing this bot, we realized that the team developing it were mostly in-house and so we have been investing in their competencies and capabilities to increase our in-house robotic scope at Telia.”

In regards to advice, Jarno says “to start this journey, these organizations should begin by identifying a process that is tedious and doesn’t require much brainpower to complete…The tool itself is very intuitive; all you need to start is a little bit of coding and scripting experience and a problem that you are willing to solve with bots”.

Download the Case Study here:

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