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Oracle Unveils AI Trained Digital Assistant for Enterprises

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Oracle on Tuesday declared the availability of its AI-trained voice with Oracle Digital Assistant. Now, enterprise clients can use voice commands to interact with their enterprise applications to elicit desired outcomes and increase productivity. It enriches the user experience with conversational AI.

“Enterprises are demanding an AI-powered Voice assistant that understands their specific vocabulary and enables naturally expressive interactions for its users,” said Suhas Uliyar, Vice president, AI and Digital Assistant, Oracle.

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“Most of all though, enterprises value a highly secure AI-powered Voice assistant that stores their business’ sensitive data in Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure,” he added.

Handles Complex Linguistic Constructs

Built on Oracle’s futuristic infrastructure, Oracle Digital Assistant applies AI with deep semantic parsing for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and custom machine learning (ML) algorithms. This perfect mix permits Oracle Digital Assistant to grasp a user’s natural voice communication, derive intent, manufacture integrative logical forms, and determine and learn user behavior patterns. This helps it to actively take actions on behalf of the user. A no-code tool that permits enterprises to create conversation experiences, Oracle Digital Assistant also integrates with human agent work-flows and business processes sans coding.

Edge over Consumer-Grade Voice Systems

Oracle’s intelligent Voice assistant for the enterprise brings conversational AI to new applications by analyzing enterprise-specific and domain-specific vocabulary. Oracle Digital Assistant NLP can learn enterprise-specific terms that consumer-grade voice systems misinterpret. Oracle Digital Assistant respond well to the communicative process with complicated queries. It draws intelligence from the other enterprise applications, like ERP, CRM and HR systems to reply appropriately.

The NLP engines that run existing messaging-based channels lack the flexibility to handle extremely expressive sentences and complicated constructs. Linguistic constructs like relative clauses, comparatives, superlatives, negation, anaphora, ordinals, cardinals, superlatives, ellipsis, quantifiers and conjunctions currently will now be handled by NLP that is much advanced than the intent classification and slot-filling engines that are on offer these days. Oracle Digital Assistant is pre-built with AI-trained enterprise skills across ERP, SCM, HCM and CX. It can connect to multiple back-end systems simultaneously to orchestrate user interactions across various application skills.

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Saves money

The buyers of Oracle Digital Assistant say that chatbots help save money.

“Oracle Digital Assistant now handles 38% of our customer queries providing us with significant cost savings and an increase in our customer satisfaction levels,” said Chris Ashworth, CIO, Hermes.

Oracle Digital Assistant may also be deployed to standard informal interfaces, like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and across Voice interfaces like Siri and Alexa.

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