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AI-Powered Pocket Lawyer Solves Air Travel Woes in an Instant

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Flights can be delayed or cancelled for a number of reasons – airline strikes, turbulent weather, flying drones – you name it, it could happen. A record number of passengers suffered from flight disruption last year and with busier runways, uncertainty for air travel over Brexit and a challenging economy, 2019 is set to bring even more chaos. But, understanding your rights as an air passenger, specifically trying to work out if you are eligible to claim compensation from a flight disruption, is a tall order.

The world’s leading flight compensation company has re-shaped the future of legal technology by developing a pocket-lawyer powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Since 2016, AirHelp’s lawyers and technology engineers have collaborated to develop six AI-bots that have transformed the way compensation claims are processed in the travel industry.

AirHelp developed the world’s first robot lawyer – Herman – in 2016 and due to its encouraging results, launched a second bot, Lara in the following year. The AI-duo has been reshaping the future of legal tech; Herman is involved in 100 per cent of incoming compensation claims, while Lara assess 60 per cent of all cases that make it past the realms of Herman.

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Not only has AI helped millions of people claim the compensation that is rightfully theirs, but the efficiency of the bots has also enabled AirHelp employees to focus on the development of new technology to further improve the efficiency of claims in new markets across the world. Lara and Herman have collectively saved AirHelp’s legal team 1,960 hour of work every month.

The AI-duo currently performs around 60% of AirHelp’s initial legal assessments, enabling AirHelp’s team of almost 600 employees (and growing) worldwide to focus on fighting for greater passenger protection on behalf of passengers, “Too often, air passengers are the innocent casualties of flight disruptions and many are left in the dark over their right to compensation.

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“AirHelp’s AI-bots are the solution to ensuring the claims process is as seamless and efficient as possible for passengers – they are capable of checking travel documents, making legal assessments and analysing the jurisdiction for a claim in seconds. The capability of the AI-bots enables AirHelp employees to focus on development and growth” comments Christian Nielsen, chief legal officer, AirHelp.

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