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Cellebrite Adds Customizable AI-Driven Digital Evidence Category Capabilities to Its Analytics Solution

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Cellebrite, the leading provider of digital intelligence solutions, announced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven customization capability as part of the Cellebrite Analytics Solution.

This first-of-its-kind technology enables investigators and lab practitioners to create customized digital media categories to find and surface video and image evidence related to a specific topic relevant for their current investigations. This new capability complements the 13 pre-defined electronic media categories, such as weapons, drugs, suspected child exploitation and money, already available as part of the Cellebrite Analytics Solution. With this machine learning capability built into Cellebrite’s Analytics Solution, law enforcement can quickly create new categories and then train the system in just a few clicks to find pertinent images that can be key to generating leads and solving cases.

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Today, in case that the investigation is not related to the 13 pre-defined categorize, the investigator must wade through hundreds, in some cases thousands, of images to find relevant evidence to their cases. With this new capability, Cellebrite is breaking ground in the use of AI and machine learning to identify key digital evidence and train systems customized to each case to find that evidence more quickly even.

“Our customers are already using Cellebrite’s Analytics solution as their go-to tool when it comes to analyzing images and video from our pre-defined media categories. Customer feedback as a way to define new categories relevant for specific cases drove us to create this new capability to continue generating leads and helping to solve cases,” said Ori Nurick, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Cellebrite. “This new capability is revolutionizing how investigators search relevant images and videos. With our AI technologies, law enforcement can quickly train the system, by using a relevant sample-set, to help them find images faster and more accurately. This effectively reduces thousands of hours needed to find relevant evidence to a single click and enables law enforcement to solve cases more quickly.”

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Cellebrite’s all new AI-powered Analytics Desktop solution adds powerful analysis capabilities to investigations and eliminates time-consuming, manual review of digital data to resolve investigations faster.

Analytics Desktop 8.0 is:

  • More intuitive with a brand-new UI and dashboard capability
  • Fully integrated with UFED Physical Analyzer and Input-Ace Video Investigation Solutions
  • Intelligent with the industry’s first customizable Media Categorization capability

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