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Retail Sales Data: Having Trouble Finding Hand Sanitizer? You’re Not Alone!

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New Retail Sales Data from SPINS Points Points to a Sharp Increase in Consumer Spending on Wellness Focused Products, Trend Expected to Continue for Hand Sanitizer Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic 

– Purchases of hand sanitizer are up 81% at natural retailers and 44% at conventional; immune boosters are up 13% at natural and 6% at conventional

– Consumers are heeding advice to be proactive in preventing exposure to viruses and are turning to alternative remedies in larger numbers

Calls for the public to increase virus prevention appears to not be falling on deaf ears as newly released consumer spending data shows an upward shift in consumer spending on health and wellness related products. SPINS is a wellness-focused data technology company and advocate for the Natural and Specialty Products Industry.

SPINS®, the leading provider of wellness-focused data and marketplace intelligence, looked at five segments directly related to virus prevention & care and found an uptick in consumer spending in February 2020 over 2019*, products included:

1.   Hand Sanitizer:

  • Up 81% in natural retail stores
  • Up 44% in conventional outlets

2.   Immunity-boosting vitamins, supplements, and remedies

  • Up 30% in natural retail stores
  • Up 6% in conventional outlets

3.   Cold & flu vitamins, supplements and remedies

  • Up 8% in natural retail stores
  • Up 19% in conventional outlets

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4.   Allergy & respiratory vitamins, supplements and remedies

  • Up 33% in natural retail stores
  • Up 21% in conventional outlets

5.   Vitamin C vitamins, supplements and remedies

  • Up 17% in natural retail stores
  • Up 14% in conventional outlets

“The good news is that consumers are listening to health experts and are adding an additional layer of protection in their quest to prevent themselves from getting sick,” said Tony Olson, owner and CEO of SPINS. “Our data also points to the role our natural retailer partners are playing in the preventative health and wellness decisions of consumers – large numbers turning to specialty and natural retailers over conventional outlets.”

*Four weeks ending 2/23/20 versus prior year, SPINS Natural Enhanced and Conventional Multi Outlet Channels

For the last 20 years, SPINS has been committed to laying the foundation for the next generation of growth, providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America.

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