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VoiceSense Launches Speech-based Predictive Analytics Solution for Human Resources

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AI-driven solution streamlines recruitment processes by automatically screening applicant interviews and objectively identifying top candidates

VoiceSense, an innovative provider of speech-based predictive analytics solutions, announced that the company has launched a new speech-based predictive analytics solution for human resources.

According to a survey conducted by Career Builder, a global human capital solutions company, 74% of employers admitted that they hired the wrong person to fill a position. This survey also found that two in three new hires quickly realized that the job that they accepted was not a good fit and quit within six months.

The new VoiceSense solution for human resources dramatically streamlines recruitment processes by automatically and objectively filtering large volumes of applicants and providing a short list of the most relevant candidates for a position. This solution uses applicant voices only and eliminates the need to manually evaluate hours of video and audio interviews to find appropriate candidates, which is a time-consuming process that is easily influenced by subjective factors that lead to inaccurate outcomes.

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The technology behind the VoiceSense solution works by analyzing the prosodic parameters of a person’s speech, which are the non-content features of speech, such as intonation, pace and emphasis. VoiceSense’s technology assesses over 200 prosodic speech parameters and builds an AI-driven personality profile of an individual’s working characteristic, such as temperament, ambition, cooperation, communication, dependability, creativity and others.

With VoiceSense’s solution, human resource teams can upload individual or large volumes of candidate video and audio interview files through an API to the VoiceSense Cloud. The VoiceSense solution then runs its signal processing to analyze the prosodic parameters of each applicant’s speech and applies behavioral models in order to output a specific job match score for each candidate, which are automatically sent back to the human resource database. The job match score can also include the complete working profile report of each candidate’s tendencies. Human resources teams can then create a short list of the best candidates per position for further evaluation and consideration.

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The VoiceSense solution can also be used to monitor and track the well-being of staff and get alerted to early signs of attrition, dissatisfaction and other changes in an employee’s state of mind, letting managers take steps to improve retention. Managers can also use the VoiceSense solution to build more compatible teams and productive departments based on the profiles and tendencies of existing employees.

“The need for our technology and its application for human resources is clear, while benefits are equally as impressive,” said Yoav Degani, CEO of VoiceSense. “One of our initial users in this space is a recruiting firm, which has reported reducing screening times for each position by over 70%, enabling its recruiters to evaluate only those candidates with a job match score in the top 5%.”

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