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Walgreens Transforms Supply Chain Management with Kyvos, Tableau and Big Data

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At Tableau Conference 2018, the national retail pharmacy chain will present a case study on how it easily analyzes and visualizes massive amounts of data

Kyvos Insights, a Big Data analytics company, announced that Walgreens, one of the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chains, and a joint customer of Kyvos Insights and Tableau, will present a case study on its successful use of big data analytics to transform its supply chain management at the Tableau Conference 2018 held in New OrleansOctober 22 – 25, 2018.

Presentation Overview
“Walgreens generates enormous amounts of inventory and sales data from its 20,000 suppliers and 9,000 stores,” said Walgreens’ Jain. “There’s tremendous value buried in all that data, but our previous systems were strained beyond the breaking point trying to deal with the scale and complexity of it. Working closely with Kyvos and Tableau, we’ve broken through the technological barriers hindering our data initiative, and we’re now seeing the benefits across our entire supply chain.”

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Being one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the world, Walgreens wanted to leverage its data to optimize supply chain business strategy. In this talk, Jain, Parikh and Cruz will describe how Walgreens uses Kyvos and Tableau to analyze two years of historical data instantly and interactively to get deeper insights into its supply chain, and how data visualizations are essential to supporting the data sharing strategy between Walgreens and its suppliers.

“Walgreens is proof that staggering amounts of data can be analyzed and visualized quickly and easily to deliver real business value,” said Ajay Anand, Vice President of marketing and products at Kyvos Insights. “Any organization struggling with its big data program or with delayed insights will benefit from Walgreens’ story and learning how Kyvos Insights combined with Tableau makes any sized data set manageable and useful.”

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Kyvos Delivers the Fastest Tableau Reporting on Big Data
Kyvos and Tableau deliver a powerful combination that gives data teams the ability to perform analytics on trillions of rows of data stored on Hadoop or in the cloud, instantly and interactively. Companies like Walgreens, Adobe, Barclays and many others leverage the combination of Kyvos and Tableau to achieve instant insights from massive data sets.

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