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Millicast Disrupts Live-Streaming Industry With Real-Time CDN

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Broadcast video with sub-second latency to audiences of any size using Millicast

Xirsys, a WebRTC infrastructure provider, and CoSMo Software, a development company specializing in real-time solutions, announced the launch of their joint service – Millicast. Millicast is a WebRTC-based real-time CDN, built for large-scale live streaming with sub-second latency.

Built to replace Adobe Flash (RTMP) for real-time streaming, Millicast is the first live-streaming CDN based on true end-to-end WebRTC and reduces the latency from publisher to viewer to less than 500 milliseconds. Publishers will no longer have to compromise and adapt to legacy technology at the cost of added latency.

By using standards-based web and internet technology, Millicast allows publishers of live content to reach all modern browsers and devices without the need for any plugin, player, SDKs or client-side framework.

Unlike usual WebRTC solutions which are designed for small audiences and point-to-point adaptation to network conditions, Millicast is uniquely engineered for cascading streams over its infrastructure to provide scalability, reliability and quality for real-time streams even in bad network conditions. With a presence that covers all major geographic regions, companies can now broadcast across the globe in less than 500 milliseconds.

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By default, Millicast broadcasts in multiple resolutions for adaptivity, eliminating the need for costly transcoding. Millicast’s Smart Stream Manager™ will automatically optimize the stream received by the viewer depending on the device’s capacity, available bandwidth and network quality. A mix of simulcast encoding, SVC codecs and other state-of-the-art technologies are also being used under the hood. Companies who join Millicast’s partner program will have early access to new features such as on-the-fly recording of streams, HLS fallback, support for Chromecast, server-side ad insertion and more.

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“We believe it is not only the sole viable replacement to Flash today for industries that require true real-time without compromise – auctions, gambling, sports, AR/VR, gaming, live interactive adult shows – but it will quickly become the de facto standard for live streaming altogether,” said Dr. Alexandre Gouaillard, CEO of CoSMo Software. “The current file-based, HTTP-as-a-transport technology stack is showing its limitations, as shown by several initiatives toward ‘ultra-low latency’ still only lowers the latency to several seconds. Or the move away from HTTP to ‘better’ transport protocols (SRT by Huawei and Wowza). None of these can compete with WebRTC today, especially with the system-level optimizations that Millicast benefits from.”

Richard Blakely, CEO of Xirsys, stated, “I know real-time video is the next big thing. It wasn’t too long ago society relied on newspapers for their information and now we expect a constant, real-time feed. Soon, we’ll also want to see each other all of the time, truly connected. I believe Millicast is the platform that makes this possible.”

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