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NYE Coin Is Helping Investors To Tap Into The Potential Of Stocks & Commodities Market

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The concept of cryptocurrency trading is gaining a lot of attraction. Having said that, investors are also looking to harness the benefits of the traditional stocks and commodities market. In this context, the New York Exchange Coin (NYE Coin) aims to achieve financial integration between the classic stock and commodities market and the latest trend of cryptocurrency trading.

As one of the Orbit Network INC. latest projects, NYE Coin is a digital asset that harnesses blockchain technology and implements smart platforms to seamlessly integrate the traditional stocks & commodities market with the crypto trading world. It provides investors with the opportunity to utilize the benefits of traditional markets through a secure and transparent investment vehicle. The project is being developed by UK-based Blockchain Development INC. Limited.

It also uses secure payment integrations to ensure transparent investments and fast transactions through distributed processing. Moreover, being open-source, the NYE trading platform called Orbitex is community-driven and it follows an inclusive model to bring financial freedom.

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What Makes NYE Unique?

  • NYE is powered by a private blockchain, thus blocking any unauthorized access. This ensures that corporates and individuals can feel completely safe about their assets and investments on the platform.
  • NYE is equipped with a robust lending platform that will facilitate a diverse group of online lending options. This lending feature has the potential to empower both small as well as large businesses.
  • NYE users get access to an advanced wallet that is well-supported across multiple platforms – iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, as well as Web.
  • The platform is powered by Proof of Stake 3.0 (PoS 3.0). As a result, it ensures added security and transaction efficiency.
  • Transactions on NYE are fast and secure. In fact, it allows users to send encrypted transactions through a protected network. Moreover, investors can gain a huge profit in PoS structure on a high degree of anonymity and security.
  • NYE implements a technique called Ring of Trust cryptography to ensure the highest level of privacy for all users on the platform.
  • One of the major hurdles that investors face while trading is high transaction fees. NYE allows its users to transact within and beyond the platform at a very low transaction and security cost.

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Based on all of these factors and more, NYE Coin aims to be one of the most valuable digital assets to collect. To know more about the technical specifications of NYE, you can go through its whitepaper.

NYE Coin is arguably the first-ever cryptocurrency to attempt integration with a traditional model. The legacy trading vehicles like stocks and commodities offer their own set of advantages. On the other hand, crypto trading is also a profitable prospect. Through its robust, scalable, and secure blockchain, NYE seamlessly integrates the classic and modern modes of investment.

The project is currently in final implementation stages and has already garnered the attention of investors from across the world. Owing to its unique model, NYE also has the potential to drive crypto adoption in the mainstream.

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