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VVTOKEN Enhances Value With Move to ‘Crypto Valley’ in Switzerland

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Participants in the VVToken ICO Will Benefit From Greater Flexibility And Better Opportunities To Realize Appreciated Value From Owning Tokens

VVToken (VV), the company that created the CyberBank consumer finance platform, today announced it has begun the process of relocating its corporate headquarters from Belize to the “Crypto Valley” of Switzerland, one of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technology ecosystems. VVToken will complete the move during the first quarter of 2018, allowing them to offer significantly enhanced value to participants in their ICO, and later to their CyberBank™ clients. To accommodate the requirements of the relocation and maximize advantages to the coin purchasers, the ICO launch date will be moved to June 7, 2018.

The relocation to Switzerland opens the door for VVToken to leverage their CyberBank products via innovative partnerships with other blockchain-driven entities, greatly accelerating market penetration and reducing the overall amount that VVToken needs to raise in their ICO.

RJ Gosselin
RJ Gosselin

VVToken CEO Dr. RJ Gosselin said, “We are extremely excited about the greater value this will deliver to the participants in our ICO. This move allows VVToken to leverage the strength of the $6.1 million we have already raised and combine it with all the benefits of operating from the most favorable ICO environment on the globe. Switzerland’s entire political culture is based upon a decentralized, bottom-up approach that is a natural fit for companies like VVToken; moving to the Crypto Valley will give us the added advantage of basing our project in the number one location in the world for competitiveness and productivity.”

VVToken has also concluded agreements with multiple companies to provide a broad array of services to users of the financial platform, including low-cost/no-cost cellular phone services, innovative data access that changes the paradigm of how users avail themselves of data, and reduced fee domestic and international remittance services. VVToken continues to work on finalizing complementary partnerships that will allow it to deliver its CyberBank™ products in multiple international markets.

After VVToken announced that its financial solution had raised over $6 million in the course of six weeks since it began the presale for its upcoming ICO, news of the blockchain startup milestone dominated the NASDAQ marquee in Times Square. VVtoken expects today’s announcement will drive interest in the ICO to record levels.

VVToken will initially introduce two technology-based CyberBank products built upon VVToken’s C*Commerce marketplace tools, which act as a dynamic link between cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. The first product VVToken will offer is the CyberBank Platinum Debit Card, a prepaid debit card targeted to low-to-middle income users. This card will offer individuals who are typically unable or unwilling to obtain a bank account low-threshold access to several financial services. The second product is the CyberBank™ Black Card, a feature-rich card offering numerous benefits to well-qualified individuals that combines accessibility to cryptocurrency and fiat currency features in a single powerful platform.

VVToken aims to raise USD $15 million in a token sale to deploy a platform offering payment security and mobile affordability that utilizes the security and reliability of the blockchain while delivering financial appreciation to the cardholder. For detailed information on VVToken’s ICO, visit VVTokens and read the company’s white paper here.

VVToken was founded to provide a platform offering payment security and mobile affordability that utilizes the security and reliability of the blockchain while delivering an unparalleled mix of benefits to the users of CyberBank products. The main technologies behind VVToken’s products are the VVChain, VVToken’s blockchain-based digital ledger and its Smart Invest™, protocol, an automated transactional algorithm designed to monitor and react to cryptocurrency market conditions, allowing VVToken to leverage our cryptocurrency positions.

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