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Phoenix Model Market Broadcasters and Pearl TV Congratulate Manufacturers Planning “Twenty in 2020” NEXTGEN TV Consumer Receiver Model Introductions

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Latest Research Shows High Interest in NEXTGEN TV by Millennial and Early Adopter Consumers

Broadcasters working on the transition to NEXTGEN TV in Top 40 TV markets today applauded the plans announced during CES 2020 by LG Electronics, Samsung, and Sony to launch 20 new NEXTGEN TV models in 2020. These will be the first consumer NEXTGEN TV receivers to be introduced in the U.S. market, as broadcasters work out the details to make more NEXTGEN TV signals available in more cities. Concurrently, the latest consumer research to come out of the Phoenix Model Market confirms very high interest in the new TV technology as consumers look for the next big development that can deliver even better audio and video to the home.

“In fact, many said it would influence their next TV purchase decision – 42% of U.S. consumers are likely to purchase a new TV set, if needed, to enable or better enjoy these NEXTGEN TV features.”

“NEXTGEN TV truly is TV like you’ve never seen or heard before. New television sets with NEXTGEN capabilities will have technology built in that will allow access to several new video and audio features that will enhance and customize your viewing experience. We’re focused now on making NEXTGEN TV a reality in the ‘Top 40’ TV markets, and at launch we are planning the immediate availability of the technology to boost dialogue over background noise and normalize the audio levels so they are consistent program to program and eliminate extra effort required to watch TV. So there’s no more reaching for the remote to adjust the volume or having to use closed captioning because you can’t hear what’s going on,” said Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle.

“Throughout the year and into 2021, more and more programming will become available in 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range and with immersive audio to provide consumers with an amazing new experience. This is not an easy or immediate transition. There are myriad of rights issues, collaboration opportunities, channel sharing agreements, and many other details that broadcasters are now working hard to execute. The final piece, of course, is the availability of consumer receivers – which is why the announcements this week at CES are so vitally important,” Schelle said. Pearl TV is coordinating the deployment of NEXTGEN TV service in the Phoenix Model Market.

During CES 2020, Pearl TV and the Phoenix Model Market are showcasing their consumer research findings and an Application Framework for use by broadcasters and receiver manufacturers at the ATSC Booth in Central Hall 11329.

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Along with representatives from the ATSC, NAB, and two TV manufacturers, Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle will participate in a panel exploring “What NEXTGEN TV Means for Tech” that begins at 9:00AM on Thursday, January 9 at the Venetian Resort (Marcello 4406, on Level 4).

Survey Says: Strong Appeal for NEXTGEN TV

In October, Magid completed another round of quantitative and qualitative research studies into consumer interests and attitudes toward NEXTGEN TV. This most recent research was done in partnership with three key manufacturers – LG, Samsung, and Sony – and focused on the go-to-market strategy and tactics for NEXTGEN TV’s launch in 2020.

“We found a strong appeal for NEXTGEN TV among consumers, particularly Early Adopters and Millennials,” said Bill Hague, Executive Vice President, Media Strategy Group, Magid. “In fact, many said it would influence their next TV purchase decision – 42% of U.S. consumers are likely to purchase a new TV set, if needed, to enable or better enjoy these NEXTGEN TV features.”

Key features that struck a chord with consumers include:

  • Consistent audio – This normalizes audio levels to minimize the difference in volume between programs so viewers don’t have to reach for the remote and manually adjust the volume.
  • 4K HDR video – 4K technology provides sharper images. High dynamic range (HDR) technology can provide a wider range of contrast between light and dark images on the screen. Together they create a more realistic, sharper image and make viewers feel as though they are really there.
  • Immersive audio – This is “movie theater-like” surround sound through the TV or a soundbar (no additional speakers required) to bring greater realism to the soundtrack and place the listener inside the scene.
  • Multiple audio tracks – Whether it’s choosing the home or away team’s feed, a comedic track, a different language, no commentary altogether for a sports game, or choosing dialogue options for children or adults for an educational show, this audio feature will allow consumers to choose between different audio tracks to best suit individual needs and preferences.

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Top 40 Markets Targeted for Introduction

The CES news follows last April’s announcement that broadcasters are focused on the Top 40 markets to lead the transition to NEXTGEN TV. The launch of NEXTGEN TV will greatly enhance over-the-air services for viewers, while bringing together broadcast and broadband functionality to give audiences more content and choice.

NEXTGEN TV also provides groundbreaking opportunities for TV broadcasters interested in offering new features and serving new markets. Deployment of ATSC 3.0 will provide information and entertainment

to ATSC 3.0-equipped television receivers, to automobiles, and to other digital and mobile consumer devices.

Subject to final engineering and required approvals, consents and FCC license modifications, the participating broadcasters have identified the first stations that will convert to ATSC 3.0 service in this rollout. Primary broadcast programming currently broadcast on the stations planning to upgrade will be hosted by other stations in their respective markets.

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