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B&H Photo Video Now Carries Oculus VR Gaming Headset Systems

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Play the Next Level of Gaming with Oculus from Facebook

B&H Photo is pleased to share that we now carry the Oculus VR Gaming headset systems, which includes the following:

Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System (64GB)

Key Features

  • VR Gaming without Wires or a PC
  • 64GB of Storage for Games & Apps
  • Built-In Room-Scale Insight Tracking
  • Headphones-Free 3D Positional Audio

With the Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System, one is actually inside the game, and at the center of the action. The Quest helps increase once sense of realism and freedom by giving access to VR without wires or the need for a PC. That means you can enter VR games and experiences anywhere in the home, or anywhere on the go. The Quest features 64GB of capacity to store your favorite games and apps.

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Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System (128GB)
  • 128GB of Storage for Games & Apps

The Quest knows where you are via built-in Insight tracking in the headset and tracking via the included Touch controllers, so you get room-scale tracking without the need of external sensors. Your movements and orientation are precisely translated in your VR games in real time. In addition to Insight tracking, the Oculus Guardian system helps to avoid bumping into physical objects in a room by remembering the boundaries of the playspace and giving your visual indicators in-game to keep within them.

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset 

Key Features

  • PC-Powered VR Gaming
  • Built-In Room-Scale Insight Tracking
  • Headphones-Free 3D Positional Audio
  • Fit Wheel Adjustable Halo Headband

The Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset utilizes advanced optics and the power of one’s compatible gaming desktop or laptop to play hundreds of VR gaming titles in vivid color and with reduced “screen door” effect. In addition, the Rift S gives access to Oculus Home, where one can decorate their own personal space and invite friends to hang out, and Dash, which gives access to a desktop and apps while in VR.

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Oculus Go VR Headset (64GB)  

Key Features

  • Enjoy VR Media without Wires or a PC
  • Watch Media on 180″ Screen
  • Front Row View of Sports, Music & Comedy
  • 64GB of Storage Capacity

The Oculus Go VR Headset, featuring 64GB of storage, is made to transport you to your very own 180″ screen to watch TV and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and more, or to enjoy a front-row seat at concerts, sporting events, and much more. The Go is an all-in-one experience, with no need for wires or a computer, so you can enjoy your VR media experiences almost anywhere. Inside VR, you can watch alone or invite friends and family from around the world. Bundled Oculus apps help you customize your experience and find new content to enjoy.

Oculus Go VR Headset (32GB)
  • 32GB of Storage Capacity

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