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Lantronix Accelerates Secure Iot Connectivity and Management for Medical Devices with the Introduction of Sgx 5150-Md Iot Gateway

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New Product Supports the Essential IEC 60601 4th Edition Certification for the Medical Sector

Lantronix, Inc. , a global provider of secure data access and management solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) announced the introduction of SGX 5150-MD IoT gateway. Developed specifically for the medical industry, SGX 5150-MD IoT gateway facilitates the secure access and management of medical devices in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare environments. SGX 5150-MD enables network connectivity for equipment such as patient monitoring systems, glucose analyzers, EKG machines, ventilators and infusion pumps — helping deliver data, from routine statistics to life-saving, critical patient information to virtually any location, device, or healthcare information system.

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The SGX 5150-MD is supported by Lantronix MACH10 Global Device Manager and Lantronix Gateway Central for a complete end-to-end solution that offers remote centralized device management and device telemetry data.  The new product supports all the connectivity interfaces used in the healthcare industry including serial (RS232/RS485, USB), Ethernet, Bluetooth and high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi. SGX 5150-MD is built on the industry leading Linux operating system and comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Python programming environment for additional customization by medical OEMs.

SGX 5150-MD Features include:

  • High performance dual band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with enterprise security
  • Bluetooth/WLAN coexistence
  • Support for Wi-Fi Direct and simultaneous SoftAP and client mode
  • TruPort® Security including Secure Boot, AES/CCMP and TKIP encryption, 802.11i, WPA2Enterprise-grade and various security protocols
  • Essential IoT applications that deliver multi-interface connectivity, full networking, extensive security, and industry leading device configuration and management
  • Remote centralized device management with Lantronix MACH10® IoT platform, including support for Lantronix Gateway Central and MACH10®Global Device Manager
  • IEC and UL-60601 certified
  • Extended temperature support (-40 to +85)

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“With the average hospital using hundreds of common medical devices and prevalence of Wi-Fi networks, there is a significant need for the medical community to rapidly deploy device connectivity solutions which include Wi-Fi technology. Our new SGX 5150-MD is the first flagship IoT gateway specifically for the healthcare segment,” said Shahram Mehraban, vice president of marketing at Lantronix. “With our long history in this vertical, SGX 5150-MD is uniquely designed to solve the challenges faced by the medical industry today, which will ultimately result in improved patient care, reduced costs, and increased efficiency through real-time access to data.”

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