Sorcero, the leading medical analytics platform, announced it has partnered with Google Cloud. Utilizing Google Cloud’s technologies, Sorcero’s platform will now deliver advanced analytics and generative AI solutions that utilize Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Vertex AI to fine-tune AI models for biomedical labeling, theme detection, and classification.. The collaboration with Google Cloud enables Sorcero to deliver the complete command center and scientific data warehouse to analyze and generate medical content for the life sciences.

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Every day, scientific and medical discovery rapidly advances.

Thousands of new biomedical articles are published in peer-reviewed journals. Promising new treatment methods are surfaced in discussions between medical teams and healthcare practitioners. Clinical trials and disease management guidance are shared on social media by patients and advocacy groups. Innovative solutions to unmet needs in healthcare treatment, access, and equity are championed by medical advisory panels. Life Science companies face the enormous challenge of staying informed, sifting through mountains of scientific content to derive medical insights and pinpoint appropriate evidence to share, and tracking the impact of clinical decisions on patient outcomes.

Sorcero’s medical analytics platform, with the addition of Google Cloud’s technology, is purpose-built to address biomedical content challenges. Sorcero’s platform and deep AI technology eliminates data silos, delivering medical analytics and insights faster for data-driven decision-making. Sorcero’s medical Language Intelligence (LI) powered applications take full advantage of the security, scale, and computational power of Google Cloud.

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“Life sciences organizations have an incredible opportunity for digital transformation by realizing new insights from available data. They are increasing investments in data platforms that synthesize, and analyze large volumes of disparate data to inform clinical decisions,” said Riju Khetarpal, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences ISV Partnerships, Google Cloud. “With Sorcero’s platform, customers can rapidly advance the state of medical analytics and accelerate decision-making to improve patient outcomes.”

Sorcero’s platform helps life science companies gather evidence to transform clinical treatment, discover unmet patient needs and under-served populations, detect safety issues, generate medical publications and information, and improve patient outcomes faster than ever before.

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