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Zini Mobiles Announces the Kickstarter Launch of the Zanco Tiny T2 – the World’s Smallest Mobile Phone

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Zini Mobiles, developers of the most advanced small form factor mobile phones, announced the launch of the Zanco tiny t2 – the world’s smallest mobile phone. It’s a miniature phone that fits anywhere, is ultra-lightweight and has the power to satisfy daily essential tasks.

Zini Mobiles Ltd. is the leading innovator in small mobiles that has raised the bar with their latest release. This innovative new device allows users to perform all essential phone functions such as photos and videos, talk and text, games, calendar and more from the incredibly compact Zanco tiny t2, which measures in at a remarkable 2.4″ x 1.18″ x 0.65″. The Zanco tiny t2 provides a useful alternative to using a large, expensive primary phone in situations where only essential phone functions are needed.

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The smartphones are trending larger, heavier and with multiple cameras that make them fragile and more complicated to use. They are also very expensive and are impractical in situations where lightweight is desired. Having a high-quality, yet more conveniently sized, phone with essential features is a great alternative.

“Today, smartphones are more powerful than ever. However, their advanced features come at a price. They are heavier, fragile, and more expensive than ever. The Zanco tiny t2 was created as an affordable and function alternative for times when carrying a large primary phone is inconvenient and unnecessary. The Zanco tiny t2 is the perfect solution for activities that require a lightweight and compact size.” – Shazad, Founder of Zini Mobiles

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The Zanco tiny t2 is a surprisingly versatile phone that is loaded with features and useful functions including camera and video capabilities, music, and games with on-board storage using an SD card up to 32 GB. It also has the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, 2G and 3G network compatibility and a TFT LCD screen. Created with an aim toward active lifestyles, travelers and business people, the tiny t2 has a 500mAh polymer battery capacity that can keep it charged for up to seven days, something that is unheard of for a large smartphone.

The Zanco tiny t2 is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more about the Zanco tiny t2 and see its full features and specifications

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