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Amazon Launches Alexa for Business Blueprints

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Amazon launched the Alexa for Business Blueprints yesterday, with the aim of enabling employees of an organization to get on-demand information about elements of their workplace.

Alexa for Business Blueprints comes pre-loaded with a large number of pre-configured templates that employees can leverage to get information on-the-fly. Employees do not have to create any lines of code; they can simply create and publish their skills at their voice commands. They are currently available only in the US but should be available in other geographical regions pretty soon, presumably.

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Discussing Alexa for Business Blueprints in a blog, Ben Grossman, Amazon’s Product Marketing Manager, wrote, “The service can only be used with workplaces and cannot be used on devices outside the organization. If this condition is met, then every employee can submit a request to the voice application. They can do so by:

  • Filling in the requests and responses fields
  • Supplying an Alexa for Business organization identifier (or ARN)

Post this, it is up to IT administrators to activate the app, either by room or in the entire organization depending on how these requests come in from the employees.”

He further states, “Here are examples of a few preloaded templates where employees can ask questions such as:

  • “What’s the guest Wi-Fi password?”
  • “What are the hours for IT?”
  • “When does open enrollment start?”

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Some other blueprints center around questions such as, ‘Alexa, where is the mailing center?’ and about employees wanting to set up their corporate email on their phone.”

Alexa Skills Blueprints website has also simultaneously been added with two more skills. The blueprints include customizable Q&As and onboarding guides for new hires.

The launch now adds to Amazon’s already existing personal blueprints service. Personal blueprints are assigned to a specific Amazon account only. Personal skills, unlike business skills, are not published among thousands of third-party skills in the Alexa Skills Store.

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