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HealthTap Addresses the Gig Economy’s Growing Healthcare Divide

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Virtual Primary Healthcare Leader Rapidly Expands Its Customer Base to the Underserved, Part-Time Workforce

HealthTap, provider of the world’s most comprehensive, AI-powered virtual primary healthcare, has expanded its offerings to serve employers with significant part-time and contract work forces—individuals who are not covered by traditional employer-provided health insurance.

“We’ve found that many employers would like to be able to provide healthcare coverage to the full range of their employee bases, but traditional healthcare offerings may be too expensive,” explained Sean Mehra, founding member and chief strategy officer at HealthTap. “Our ambitious mission at HealthTap has always been to deliver universal access to primary healthcare, and we’re committed to leveraging our highly-flexible health technology platform to serve a full range of employers and their employees, including contracted workers who often are working side-by-side with W-2 employees.”

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HealthTap already has delivered virtual primary healthcare to millions of people around the world, serving large enterprises and global insurers. This offering significantly expands HealthTap’s comprehensive virtual care to a broader base of people who now work in a range of flexible ways.

“For many of our customers, this is just good business,” continued Mehra. “They’ve discovered HealthTap’s affordable, convenient virtual care leads to happier, healthier employees. And that’s only going to become more important with the expansion of the gig economy. By 2027, the majority of workers in the United States are expected to be contracted workers. Offering quality healthcare will increasingly prove to be a valuable tool for employee recruitment and retention.”

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“Our people are our most important advantage and we want to be able to take care of them,” said Brian Musgrave, co-founder and CFO of Better Car People, an automotive sales technology company. “Offering HealthTap allows us to provide healthcare options for employees where we wouldn’t have been able to before.”

HealthTap delivers the world’s largest library of doctor-authored content, a personalized AI-powered symptom checker, immediate access to doctors, treatment plans, prescriptions and treatment reminders.

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