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Sidetrade Earns Coveted 2018 Innovation Award and Fundraisong from French Governement

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Sidetrade (Euronext Growth: ALBFR.PA), the Artificial Intelligence customer journey platform, has won an Innovation 2018 trophy for their EuroFirmo project. Sidetrade EuroFirmo will deliver the power of AI analysis to European businesses.

Last night, Sidetrade reaffirmed their leadership role in the FrenchTech ecosystem, by earning a coveted trophy at the Concours d’innovation, a business innovation competition sponsored by BPI France, the French public investment bank.

This recognition is a ticket to success for Sidetrade, as it means the Investissements d’Avenir (“Investing in the Future”) program will be contributing €2.8m to the development of EuroFirmo over a period of two years.

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Sidetrade is an expert in the Artificial Intelligence technology to customer relations. The EuroFirmo project fast-tracks this crucial expertise at European scale to bolster the competitiveness of EU businesses.

François Bancilhon, VP Innovative Projects at the Sidetrade group, had this to say:

This prestigious award recognizes the excellence and innovative acumen of our R&D and Data Science teams. Sidetrade’s EuroFirmo project will provide 26 million EU companies with a single, authoritative dataset, fueled by our Artificial Intelligence technology.”

As Europe moves to take business AI to the next level, Sidetrack has been leading the way. AI is becoming key in every sector of the economy. In an interview on 9 December 2018, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, argued that every type of business should have access to this developing technology; that everyone should be involved. This reasoning reflects the commitment made by 24 European countries on 10 April 2018 to work together on a European approach to financing AI research.

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Today’s businesses must get a handle on fast-developing AI technology to become more competitive and stand out from competitors. In September, the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that steady yearly adaptation of business AI could lead to 1.2% points of growth by 2030.

Companies using the Sidetrade AI platform, which covers the entire customer journey, are already seeing a 40% improvement in productivity. Sidetrade gives companies unique market insights enabling them to engage with customers and enhance every step of the cycle, from prospection to cash generation. The Sidetrade EuroFirmo project is an excellent opportunity to extend this know-how across Europe. Sidetrade offers exceptional analysis and interpretation of business data.

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