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XcooBee’s Email Guard Protects Your Personal Email Address

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 XcooBee, the Privacy Network, announced the release of Email Guard, its online privacy protection tool for personal email accounts.

XcooBee was formed with the mission to protect the digital rights and privacy of consumers and businesses alike. The XcooBee team reviewed the process and psychology of email use and wanted to build a tool to reduce the anxiety that most consumers feel when giving out their personal email address. As email has become the primary electronic hook into consumers’ lives, the easy reach of consumers has given rise to abuse. This, in turn, changed people’s attitudes toward email.

Bilal Soylu, XcooBee founder and Chief Worker Bee explains: “People no longer rush to give out their email addresses. On the contrary, they are wary and ask more questions. This increased vigilance in of itself is a good development.” The XcooBee team found that once email addresses are handed out, control is lost quickly. Emails are bundled and sold by many to data brokers, and the source of the leak is hard to track down. “People’s email boxes blow up within days of giving out a new email address,” added Soylu.

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“We wanted to create a better mechanism to protect peoples’ exposure and give them more control over their email,” Soylu continues to explain. “Not everyone can manage their personal email server. So, we created the next best thing: Email Guard.”

With Email Guard and the XcooBee mobile app, consumers can take control of their email inbox access. By creating an alternate email address and linking it to their personal email, emails are rerouted securely via XcooBee to their personal inbox. Users can create unlimited alternate link-emails and control who can reach them. As a result, they can feel confident in giving out Email Guard addresses without worrying about long term abuse and loss of control.

The on-demand email creation is exceedingly simple. It is designed to be completed on the app in front of a cash register. According to Soylu, “You can create an Email Guard address for your grocer, and a different one for your shoe store. The very second you see abuse from your grocer, you can turn them off without dropping access for your shoe store. ”

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Email Guard features go beyond this and allow users to control which inbound email domains can reach them. Since users can delete an address at any time, no harm is done to users when the Email Guard address is sold to data-brokers. In addition, all the standard security elements like virus checks, type verification, expiration, and origin controls are present as well.

The XcooBee team found that the anxiety of giving out email was reduced by using Email Guard. To learn about the basic features of Email Guard please review the short video-walk-through that the XcooBee team has created for the desktop experience. According to Soylu, “The mobile app available for Android and iOS is even easier to use and does not need video guidance.”

The XcooBee Privacy Network is pioneering a new era in privacy by challenging business models powered by people giving away their privacy. XcooBee provides a collection of tools to address privacy and compliance issues from secure file sharing, to consent management, to collecting and managing personally identifiable information (PII) data.

XcooBee provides peace of mind to businesses looking to comply with new privacy rules, such as GDPR in Europe or the upcoming CCPA in California. As more countries adopt laws to protect their citizens’ privacy, using products like XcooBee will become a competitive advantage.

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