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Visionect Unveils New Lineup of Meeting Room Scheduling Devices and Software

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Joan Meeting Room Booking System Simplifies the Office Experience

Joan, a product of Visionect, has unveiled a revamped product lineup and software system. Incorporated into some of the world’s largest companies including, Cisco, Amazon and Virgin, the Joan 6 and Joan 13 are simple solutions that optimize the workplace and increase productivity. The new products come with booking system software compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems from Microsoft, Google and Apple, along with Alexa for Business.

Using e-ink technology and ultra-low energy architecture, the Joan 6 and Joan 13 bring simple, environmentally friendly scheduling solutions to an increasingly complex workplace. With a setup that takes minutes, Joan’s flexible solutions enable offices to make the most efficient use of their conference and meeting rooms. In addition to providing seamless meeting scheduling, Joan detects and eliminates unattended meetings from both the user and conference room calendar, maximizing office space efficiencies and user productivity.

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“We live in a world where more people are having more meetings, making the workplace more complicated due to distracting meeting room searches throughout the day” says Matej Zalar, co-founder of Visionect, “As a result, workers spend more time dealing with scheduling issues during the work day, ultimately wasting resources. We noticed this was a problem at Visionect and created Joan as a solution to simplify the work day. Our desire to optimize our own meetings led us to believe that other businesses might want to do the same, so we created a product that can be easily executed in offices around the world.”

To show businesses around the world how much money they could save by using meeting scheduling technology, Joan has created a microsite to calculate the amount of money lost each day due to meeting-related distractions. On average, more than 70 percent of people working in offices feel distracted at work due to meetings, costing companies thousands of dollars.

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“Meetings and conference rooms are often the last part of the office that anyone thinks about, until they’re needed,” says Zalar. “Interruptions caused by meeting room searches at small and medium size businesses cost on average more than $54,000 in revenue each year. Not only do we want to offer a simple, flexible solution for meeting scheduling, but we also wanted to provide a resource for businesses to better educate themselves about the importance of efficient meetings.”

Joan is simplifying the meeting scheduling process around the world for more than 2 million users in over 20 languages in 82 countries. Using digital paper, e-ink technology, cordless installation and seamlessly syncs to Wi-Fi, Joan is an efficient, environmentally conscious solution for any office. The new devices come in two sizes, with a sleek design, easy setup and flexible software subscription plans.

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